Buddhism & Teachings


The three marks of existence as described by Buddha are the impermanence of all experience, the unsatisfactory nature of life in this physical world and the absence of a permanent self. Here I want to talk about Buddhism and about stuff related to Buddha and his teachings. The purpose of meditation, in this tradition, is to break through the illusions that limit our lives and to experience, first-hand, and the true nature of our existence. If we make a list of teachings of modern Buddhism then it would be like this in the ten points below.

  1. Choose one meditation practice and stick with it.
  2. Meditate every day.
  3. Any situation is workable.
  4. Practice patience.
  5. Free your mind.
  6. Cool the fire of emotions.
  7. Have fun along the way.
  8. Simplify.
  9. Cultivate the spirit of blessings.
  10. It’s a circular journey.

Buddhism & Teachings

There are lots of sufferings in our life. So why don’t you start meditating from now?

Ask one question to yourself “What can I take with me when I die?”

The only way to survival is to practice meditation. I would like to request you guys. You can go to any Meditation Centre. Maybe you can find something there you can take when you die. If you have a capacity of deep concentration, then you can move quickly through the classical stages of enlightenment as described in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. You may get transformed from a ‘sickly, grief-stricken, dependent person into a healthy, independent and radiant being’.

After that people would start finding you as a different person. All your disease would be gone. You would be refreshed and nothing would be there in your mind. There would be no any sorrow anymore, no grief too. You will feel quite happy. Yes, if you come to meditate, you will also be happy. There is no magic. Only you have to follow the instruction.

There’s no any rule for meditation in the sense that it can be practiced out at home by householders, women as well as men, in the midst of their busy lives. One thing is that you should have a fierce commitment to practice and a belief, unconditionally, that enlightenment is the purpose of human life. One must practice knowing at least one stage of enlightenment. Otherwise, you have not made use of human life.

Baba Jaimal Singh Ji says in Spiritual Letters:

“Attend to your Bhajan and Simran every day and do not feel disturbed in the time of distress, or elated in happiness. Look upon everything as ‘Mauj’. Whatever comes from Radha Soami Din Dayal and whatever will come will be our ultimate benefit. Keep an inner love and longing for Shabd Dhun, be it night or day. And attend to your worldly duties with your hands and feet. Be happy, no matter what comes. Whatever pleases Hazur Radha Soami must be good.”

If you want to learn more about Bhajan and Simran then you can visit any Radha Soami Satsang Centres all over the world. I will promise you I would be writing more about on it on coming days.

Keep sharing, caring for people and love animals too. Let’s follow the path of our Lord Buddha and create a world as Peace Zone.