What are 10 days of Chaitra Navaratri according to Sanatana Dharma?


I have tried to explain the 10 days of Chaite Dashain or Chaitra Navaratri according to Sanatana Dharma. I had tried to keep it as pure and as simple.

The days mentioned here should not be assumed like the calendar days. But these days from Day 1 to Day 10 are the various days as per the spiritual earnings of a person. It may differ from person to person.


What are the ten days of Chaitra Navaratri according to Sanatana Dharma?

Find out what are the 10 days of Chaitra Navaratri. I have explained the significances of each day per the Sanatana Dharma.

10 Days of Chaitra Navaratri

Day 1: Ghatasthapana / Chandra Darsananam – A person sees the calmness physical form of true Guru/Saints/Master and keeps him near to his heart.

Day 2: Brahmacharya – The person now starts following Brahmacharya. He follows in every aspect of his works. (This does not means he never gets married. This means now his all deeds are dedicated to the attainment of Brahma (not to be confused about tri-gods).

Day 3: Saubhagya Chandra Ghata – A person now is able to listen to the celestial sound inside when a tiny moon bangs in the middle of his two eyebrows.

Day 4: Kushmanda / Vinayaka – He now gets a glimpse of little cosmic energy.  The person starts getting Riddhi and Sindhis. At this stage, the person keeps all his secrets within himself and looks like a normal person outside.

Day 5: Kundalini / Naag Panchami – On this day, the person starts getting strong inside and outside of what he is doing. The Divine keeps him in the best position of his life and starts showering his affections. He stays around spiritual clarity combines with earthly comforts.

Day 6: Skanda Shakti / Katyayani – At this stage, the divinity itself fights on behalf of the person, protects him from any negativity. Just like a sword cuts anything, the divine power comes in various forms and cuts every obstacle in his spiritual way.

Day 7: Maha Saptami / Kaalrati – Now the person’s Sahasrara Chakra Crown Chakra gets activated. This means now the person able to raise into pure consciousness.

Day 8: Durga Ashtami / Annapurna Ashtami – The body, mind, and soul of the person become pure. He now stays in peace and prosperity always in remembrance of the divinity.

Day 9: Rama Navami – Now, the Guru gives darshan inside with the most astonishing form ever and keeps him ready for leaving the world. At this stage, all the Karmas (both bad and good) of the person being cleansed.

Day 10: Navratri Parana – Now the person is not indulging in any world activities but continuously sits on the final meditation of his life. The true Guru now comes inside him with his radiant form. The Guru merges the soul with the supreme being and the person breaks the cycle of transmigration forever.