Reasons behind Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations

Happy Shree Krishna Janmasthami

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On the auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, I will be sharing the reason behind the celebrations of this festival also known as Gokul Ashtami.Before we know about the importance of Sree Krishna Janmashtami, we should also know about who was Sri Krishna and other things about him.

Who is Sri Krishna?

According to Hinduism, Sri Krishna was the eights avatar of God Vishnu, one of the Trimurti along with Brahma and Maheshwar (Shiva). Also, Sri Krishna was himself the reflection of Supreme God in Human form who came in this world as Jagat Guru also known as Light of the  World.

What is the purpose of Krishna’s birth?

Geeta (4/7) states whenever in this world Dharma gets destroyed and there increases “Adharma” or the evils “I” will appear in my various Avatar.  Geeta (4/8) states, I will appear in different Yugas to rescue the Sadhu Purush, to destroy the polluted Karmas (bad and evil Karmas) and to restore the Dharma again and again.

There was a time when goodness on Earth was almost about to eliminated because of the increase in Ashurs or the evils. It has been said that the mother Earth couldn’t bear seeing an increase in evils. So, the mother Earth goes to the Devis and Devatas for the solution. Even God’s couldn’t do anything. So, along with the Devis/Devatas and especially Narada, the messenger God goes to Brahma. Brahma then calls the formless Supreme Being. All the Devis/Devatas were designed to play as Gopinis, soldiers of Kaurava and Pandava. Now all the Devis/Devatas goes but sill Narad remains there. Narada request that he wanted to see the form in which he will be born in the Earth. Narada still can’t recognize the form of Radha-Krishna, so he requested the Supreme Being to be in the separate form of Radha & Krishna so that his eyes can distinguish the form of formless God. Then as per Narada wish, the ‘Supreme Being’ takes two forms Radha & Krishna who will be later born at Gokula. So, to eliminate the evils or badness from the Earth, the special avatar of Supreme God took place in the Gokula who later became Guru of the whole world (Jagatguru) was known as Sree Krishna.

Happy Shree Krishna Janmasthami

A Happy Shree Krishna Janmashtami Greetings with the image of Radha and Krishna playing the flute.

Why Hindus celebrates Krishna Janmashtami?

Krishna Janmashtami simply means the “birthday of Sri Krishna”. This day celebrated as a festival is one of the auspicious and important days in Hinduism because in this day the Supreme God himself came to Earth as an eights avatar of Lord Vishnu. This day reminds us about the importance of “Geeta” which is a song of speech between Arjuna and Krishna in the Kurukshetra War as mentioned in Mahabharata.

What is the main message of Geeta?

Geet is one of the holiest books for Hindus. The main theme of Geeta is to surrender to Krishna for Mukti or Moksha. We should understand  Krishna as a Jagat Guru that in Kali Yuga, without a true Guru, Mukti or Salvation is not possible. Following things are very important when it comes to whom to worship and what is Moksha.

  •  Neither Devis/Devatas nor Maharshis know about MY origin because I’m the cause of their existences. – Geeta 10/2
  • You can’t see Me means my Supreme form with your eye created by nature. So, I will share you a divine (knowledge) eyesight through which you can see my effect and Yoga Power. – Geeta 11/ 8
  • MY birth and Karmas are divine and supreme and only the one who can understand my divine and karma-less and formless form that one will not get rebirth after leaving the present physical body. But that will eventually get into me. – Geeta 4/9
  • How one meditate upon me I will grant them so as the purpose of their meditation. Upon knowing this secret the intelligent humans follow this path. – Geeta 4/11
  • Even those who don’t understand me and worship Devis/Devatas for the result of Karmas in this Human Earth, they will get the instant Riddhi and Siddhis (Psychic Power) according to their Karma. – Geeta 4/12

Here is another important lesson to be learned from Geeta 9/25 that continues from 4/23.

Those who don’t know the supreme knowledge (Tatto Gyaan) they will fall into the cycle of birth and death. Those who worship Devis/Devats, they will get into Devi/Devats themselves. Those who worship ancestors (Pitri) will get into Pitris. Those who worship Ghosts will get into Ghosts. And MY devotees will get into ME which means they will not get re-birth again.

Before concluding this article I will like to add few more words. We all people have a different level of understandings and different views towards Dharma and Nirvana and spiritualism. I am just a regular human being full of curiosity who always try to search what is the true Knowledge. As per my understanding, to know about Supreme truth or about the divinity of the God searching him inside us doing Yoga (meditation) with good Karmas full of devotion is the purpose of Human life that has been granted to us. The initial phase is Self-realization and after that God’s realization which will lead us to the path of salvation or Moksha or detaches us from the Samsara. In another word, I find this as a self-research with devotion (bhakti bhava) as it totally depends on one’s findings inside.

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