Meaning of ‘Rabins’


People usually get confused about the meaning of ‘Rabins’. Here I will share you the meaning of my name Rabins.

Some people say it’s Western name and some say it’s only the addition of letter ‘s’ to the end of ‘Rabin’. But, actually it’s not like that.

Now let’s learn something else before we move into the actual meaning.


It’s written as ‘B’ but pronounced as ‘W’ or ‘V’. Say written as ‘रबि’ (Rabi) and pronounced as’रवि’ (Ra-wi or Rah-vi).

There are various meanings of Rabi (Sanskrit/Nepali: रवि) some write as Ravi too.

Rabi = God, Sun or Sun God
Rabi = Lotus
Ansh/Amsa (अंश) = portion, part, beam, ray, particle, a share of, ray of light(अंशु),

So Rabi + Ansh = Rabins, which means a God particle, a ray of sun light, a ray of Sun God or a ray of Lotus.
The meaning of my name I’m carrying is ‘the God particle‘ or ‘the portion of the God‘.

The other meanings of Rabins are (if we go for Lotus part). Before we more into, you should know the symbolic meaning of Lotus too.
Lotus = particular constellation,
Lotus = rose-colored, pale-red
Lotus = the symbol of signify spiritual development, creation, purity and rebirth. Here, you have to relate it to the lotus-feet. The petals of Lotus resembles the Chakras and a complete lotus-pelleted feet is said to a person who already is divine. In Hinduism we call that person a True Guru or a true Master who now plants the same lotus in our hearts and teaches or guide us to uplift our self from the mud and bloom pure outside the mud.

Here is my own quote related to Devotion and Being Lotus.

We live in this world where each one of us is affected by the environment we live. But still, we have to maintain our day-to-day workloads just like a Lotus roots inside the mud but blooms clean and beautiful above the mud. No matter how much religious you are, Devotion to your Master or Guru is the key to Spiritual practice. The religious activities you are performing should be in such a manner that in each and every activity you are doing is ethical in terms of Spiritualism. – Rabins Sharma Lamichhane