The Third Eye or Tisra Til is a point in the subtle body between and behind the two eyebrows; the seat of the mind and the soul in the human body, and the point at which the disciples of the saints begin their concentration, and from where they go up. It is also called as ‘the black point’ (nuqta-i-saveida) by Sufis and ‘the single eye’ in Bible.

How can Enlightenment be achieved?

We need to renew our commitment to give him our very best, without worrying about our spiritual progress or the lack of love that we may feel. Basically, just do it! Ultimately, the only way we can increase our love for the Master, the only way we can re-ignite our love and devotion towards him is by Meditation. Throughout spiritual practice, we become receptive to his grace; we experience the gift of his love. With meditation, we are building within us the true devotion that will take us to the heart and the source of Shabd, to the home of the Master of our soul.

Without a doubt, it is clear that the only remedy to spiritual dryness is meditation and more meditation. So the next time the alarm clock rings, remind yourself that your Master has invited you into his home and is anxiously waiting for you. In worldly affairs, we would never keep a friend waiting, why then should we take advantage of our only true Friend? So, before switching the alarm clock off, resist the temptation t go back to sleep and remind yourself that this precious time cannot be brought back. Get up and sit in His presence. Take it a challenge and He will surely submerge you in His deep love. (This part is still under development)

6 Chakras

In future meanings of all the six chakras would be explained here. Till then you can see the position of these chakras in our body in the following picture.