Rabins.info.np is my personal website where I share my personal spiritual journey. This site is all about my personal experiences and also discourses and letters of great Masters or Gurus. This website also cites great sayings of great persons like Satgurus (true master), Saints or Sages.

This site and my name ‘Rabins‘ should be treated in a different way.

rabins-info-nepal-sanatan-dharma-motto-nepalThis site has a collection of spiritual discourses and excerpts from letters and talks by various Saints, Sat Gurus or Masters. Statements from Bhagavad Geeta, Kuran, Bibel, Buddhist Philosophy and many others books are also taken. Any content of Rabins.info.np does not talk about any religion and philosophy rather such great words or sayings are used to support the articles.

The main motto of Rabins.info.np is exploring the Vedic Sanatan Dharma and understanding the core of life and walking on the Spiritual Path.