Happy Shree Krishna Janmasthami

Reasons behind Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations

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On the auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, I will be sharing the reason behind the celebrations of this festival also known as Gokul Ashtami.Before we know about the importance of Sree Krishna Janmashtami, we should also know about who was Sri Krishna and other things about him.

Who is Sri Krishna?

According to Hinduism, Sri Krishna was the eights avatar of God Vishnu, one of the Trimurti along with Brahma and Maheshwar (Shiva). Also, Sri Krishna was himself the reflection of Supreme God in Human form who came in this world as Jagat Guru also known as Light of the  World.

What is the purpose of Krishna’s birth?

Geeta (4/7) states whenever in this world Dharma gets destroyed and there increases “Adharma” or the evils “I” will appear in my various Avatar.  Geeta (4/8) states, I will appear in different Yugas to rescue the Sadhu Purush, to destroy the polluted Karmas (bad and evil Karmas) and to restore the Dharma again and again.

There was a time when goodness on Earth was almost about to eliminated because of the increase in Ashurs or the evils. It has been said that the mother Earth couldn’t bear seeing an increase in evils. So, the mother Earth goes to the Devis and Devatas for the solution. Even God’s couldn’t do anything. So, along with the Devis/Devatas and especially Narada, the messenger God goes to Brahma. Brahma then calls the formless Supreme Being. All the Devis/Devatas were designed to play as Gopinis, soldiers of Kaurava and Pandava. Now all the Devis/Devatas goes but sill Narad remains there. Narada request that he wanted to see the form in which he will be born in the Earth. Narada still can’t recognize the form of Radha-Krishna, so he requested the Supreme Being to be in the separate form of Radha & Krishna so that his eyes can distinguish the form of formless God. Then as per Narada wish, the ‘Supreme Being’ takes two forms Radha & Krishna who will be later born at Gokula. So, to eliminate the evils or badness from the Earth, the special avatar of Supreme God took place in the Gokula who later became Guru of the whole world (Jagatguru) was known as Sree Krishna.

Happy Shree Krishna Janmasthami
A Happy Shree Krishna Janmashtami Greetings with the image of Radha and Krishna playing the flute.

Why Hindus celebrates Krishna Janmashtami?

Krishna Janmashtami simply means the “birthday of Sri Krishna”. This day celebrated as a festival is one of the auspicious and important days in Hinduism because in this day the Supreme God himself came to Earth as an eights avatar of Lord Vishnu. This day reminds us about the importance of “Geeta” which is a song of speech between Arjuna and Krishna in the Kurukshetra War as mentioned in Mahabharata.

What is the main message of Geeta?

Geet is one of the holiest books for Hindus. The main theme of Geeta is to surrender to Krishna for Mukti or Moksha. We should understand  Krishna as a Jagat Guru that in Kali Yuga, without a true Guru, Mukti or Salvation is not possible. Following things are very important when it comes to whom to worship and what is Moksha.

  •  Neither Devis/Devatas nor Maharshis know about MY origin because I’m the cause of their existences. – Geeta 10/2
  • You can’t see Me means my Supreme form with your eye created by nature. So, I will share you a divine (knowledge) eyesight through which you can see my effect and Yoga Power. – Geeta 11/ 8
  • MY birth and Karmas are divine and supreme and only the one who can understand my divine and karma-less and formless form that one will not get rebirth after leaving the present physical body. But that will eventually get into me. – Geeta 4/9
  • How one meditate upon me I will grant them so as the purpose of their meditation. Upon knowing this secret the intelligent humans follow this path. – Geeta 4/11
  • Even those who don’t understand me and worship Devis/Devatas for the result of Karmas in this Human Earth, they will get the instant Riddhi and Siddhis (Psychic Power) according to their Karma. – Geeta 4/12

Here is another important lesson to be learned from Geeta 9/25 that continues from 4/23.

Those who don’t know the supreme knowledge (Tatto Gyaan) they will fall into the cycle of birth and death. Those who worship Devis/Devats, they will get into Devi/Devats themselves. Those who worship ancestors (Pitri) will get into Pitris. Those who worship Ghosts will get into Ghosts. And MY devotees will get into ME which means they will not get re-birth again.

Before concluding this article I will like to add few more words. We all people have a different level of understandings and different views towards Dharma and Nirvana and spiritualism. I am just a regular human being full of curiosity who always try to search what is the true Knowledge. As per my understanding, to know about Supreme truth or about the divinity of the God searching him inside us doing Yoga (meditation) with good Karmas full of devotion is the purpose of Human life that has been granted to us. The initial phase is Self-realization and after that God’s realization which will lead us to the path of salvation or Moksha or detaches us from the Samsara. In another word, I find this as a self-research with devotion (bhakti bhava) as it totally depends on one’s findings inside.

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Meaning of ‘Rabins’

People usually get confused about the meaning of ‘Rabins’. Here I will share you the meaning of my name Rabins.

Some people say it’s Western name and some say it’s only the addition of letter ‘s’ to the end of ‘Rabin’. But, actually it’s not like that.

Now let’s learn something else before we move into the actual meaning.


It’s written as ‘B’ but pronounced as ‘W’ or ‘V’. Say written as ‘रबि’ (Rabi) and pronounced as’रवि’ (Ra-wi or Rah-vi).

There are various meanings of Rabi (Sanskrit/Nepali: रवि) some write as Ravi too.

Rabi = God, Sun or Sun God
Rabi = Lotus
Ansh/Amsa (अंश) = portion, part, beam, ray, particle, a share of, ray of light(अंशु),

So Rabi + Ansh = Rabins, which means a God particle, a ray of sun light, a ray of Sun God or a ray of Lotus.
The meaning of my name I’m carrying is ‘the God particle‘ or ‘the portion of the God‘.

The other meanings of Rabins are (if we go for Lotus part). Before we more into, you should know the symbolic meaning of Lotus too.
Lotus = particular constellation,
Lotus = rose-colored, pale-red
Lotus = the symbol of signify spiritual development, creation, purity and rebirth. Here, you have to relate it to the lotus-feet. The petals of Lotus resembles the Chakras and a complete lotus-pelleted feet is said to a person who already is divine. In Hinduism we call that person a True Guru or a true Master who now plants the same lotus in our hearts and teaches or guide us to uplift our self from the mud and bloom pure outside the mud.

Here is my own quote related to Devotion and Being Lotus.

We live in this world where each one of us is affected by the environment we live. But still, we have to maintain our day-to-day workloads just like a Lotus roots inside the mud but blooms clean and beautiful above the mud. No matter how much religious you are, Devotion to your Master or Guru is the key to Spiritual practice. The religious activities you are performing should be in such a manner that in each and every activity you are doing is ethical in terms of Spiritualism. – Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Process of Meditation

A question may arise in the mind of the practitioner: For how long does a spiritual aspirant have to engage himself in the practice of meditation to have a vision of the ultimate truth? In his introduction to the translation of Shankaracharya’s Laghu Vakya Vritti, Swami Shraddhananda answers this question by saying that it depends on the practitioner’s individual qualification. He adds,

“Vedantic scriptures claim that if the aspirant has attained the proper purity of heart and keenness of understanding, he can have a Vision of truth by hearing the mahakavyas only once from the Guru.”


Spiritual aspirants often complain that they have been seekers for years but have yet to have any spiritual experience. A practitioner can complain only if he has put in the required effort. Perhaps if he introspects he may realize that he has not practiced meditation as was enjoined upon him. There is no shortcut to Spirituality. Shankaracharya says that however efficacious a medicine may be, the disease Will not be cured just because the name of the medicine is uttered or the medicine is poured: It has to be taken as prescribed by the doctor to get the results. Likewise, the knowledge of methods and techniques of meditation is of no use unless the seeker puts it into practice. He should be regular in practicing meditation daily at a fixed time for a fixed period.

Simply practicing meditation at an appointed time is not sufficient. The practitioner has to live all the hours of the day in remembrance of the Lord. A stage must be reached in which meditation becomes as natural as breathing. Contact with a guru, listening to his talks and study of the scriptures are factors that help achieve success. Sincerity, regularity, and concentration, as well as never losing sight of the goal of human life, are the secrets of success in meditation.

In the beginning, meditation may feel dull, dry, difficult, monotonous, insipid and boring, but if an aspirant tries sincerely and devotedly, ignoring the negative feelings and aches and pains, he will start enjoying the process.

Spiritual Progress - Spiritual Link

Spiritual Progress

It is a slow affair, and slow and steady wins the race. – Maharaj Sawan Singh, Spiritual Gems

At the time of prayer or meditation, many of us have experienced difficulty in concentrating our attention, due to the avalanche of distracting thoughts assailing us from every possible direction. Sometimes it even feels as though the mind is running at a speed of a mile a second! It becomes an absolute to sit still and focus on the task at hand. Maharaj Sawan Singh, in Spiritual Gems, sheds light on our predicament:

Spiritual progress primarily depends on the training of the mind. In ordinary man, the soul is under the control of the mind, and the mind is controlled by the senses, and the senses are lead away by the objects of the senses (material objects). The attention this remains wandering from object to object. The right way should be that the sense does not run after the objects, the mind is not led away by the senses, and the soul has a grip on the mind and uses it as a tool to serve its purposes. The soul is to re-establish its supremacy over the mind instead of remaining its slave.

Spiritual Progress - Spiritual Link
Spiritual Progress/Spiritual Link

In another letter he writes:

The mind needs vigilance of a higher order than is given by parents in bringing up their children. It is a very wayward child. So long as it is not trained, it is our worst enemy; but when trained, it is the most faithful companion. And the point is that one has to train it to get the best out of it and to realise his spiritual origin. This can only be done in human life. We are lucky that we are human beings and have the opportunity to go within now, in the cycle.

Despite the obstacles we encounter in meditation, if we keep practicing regularly, it will become almost habitual for us to meditate. Just as we have regular routines for other aspects of our lives, meditation will become a set of routine for us. This, in turn, will make the task easier to accomplish, as the mind is known to be the creature of habit. The Masters also emphasize that it is only by obediently sitting in meditation that the disciple can subdue the mind. Even if the mind rebels, one has to sit. It is its nature to rebel. At first we have to fight with the mind in order to sit, but eventually, meditation itself will create the desire in us for more meditation.

In meditation, as in the rest of our lives, it is important to approach it with the right attitude. The mystics have advised that, among other things, humility, faith, love, and reverence should be present in us when we sit for our prayers. The understanding that we can do nothing of our own strength must be instilled in us so that we may adopt an attitude of ‘surrender’ to the Lord.

To a struggling disciple, the path of the saints may seem difficult at the onset. But ‘one’ is the only to persist in looking inside ‘one’s own self’ with unflinching determination instead of looking elsewhere. Although the difficulty lies in having minimal influence over the mind, we should persistently remind ourselves that, there is nothing that man cannot achieve with patient and diligence.

As Maharaj Sawan Singh in Spiritual Gems advices,

“There should be no break in your daily meditation… There is proverb here:’If you are going fox hunting, go with the preparation of a lion hunter.’ The same applies to mind hunting. Every day one should be on the job with renewed determination.”


Who is the true Guru?

One makes progress according to the capacity and knowledge of one’s Guru. But we find numerous gurus at every step. In fact, there are more so-called ‘gurus’ in this world than are disciples. Kabir says “One’s future depends upon one’s Guru, and a perfect Guru one gets only by rare good fortune.” Since this world is full of ‘gurus’ of all sorts, how, then, can we find a true one? All the Saints and Scriptures lay great stress upon finding a True, Perfect and Real Guru. In the Granth Sahib as well ass in the writings of Kabir, Paltu, Dadu and other Saints, the need of a True Master is greatly stressed. Muslim Saints, such as Maulana Rum, Sham-i-Tabrex, Hafiz and other sing praises of Murshid-i-Kamil, the Persian name for the Perfect Master. Otherwise, there is the danger of the blind leading the blind and reaching nowhere. Consequently, the first requirement is to find a True and Perfect Master. The Perfect Masters always say: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”. Lord God, the Supreme Creator, cannot be found outside by one who has not realized Him within. This human body of ours is the “Mansion of the Lord”, the “Temple of the Living God.”. Those who seek Him outside, wander in illusion.

In the body too, the Lord is not realized in the Khat Chakras (Six Lower Centres) as believed by the Yogis. He is to be realized above the eye center, and the Way to realize Him is given by a True Master.

So long as the soul does not get out of the clutches of the mind and senses, and crosses the regions of Brahm and Par Brahm, Guru Mat is not really understood. The Guru initiates us into the mysteries of the Path and tells us how to vacate the body and enter the “tenth gate” that leads to the Lord’s Mansion.

a-true-living-guruGuru Mat is unique and sweet. It begins when the mind and the soul currents withdraw from the nine portals, according to the instructions of a Guru, and become concentrated at the “Bhru Madhe”, the point between the two eyebrows. This is the door to the “Kingdom of Heaven within”, about which Jesus Christ says; “Knock, and it shall be opened up to you.” The Guru tells us that the way to knock at this gate is to totally withdraw the attention from the ninth outlets of the body and focus it at the eye center. By permitting the attention to function below the eye center, we allow the mind and soul to run out and squander precious energy.

When, by means of Spiritual Practice, soul and mind have reached the Asht Dal Kanwal (Eight Petalled Lotus), one begins to hear the Heavenly Music, called the Anahat Shabd (the Word or Logos of the Bible) which constantly resounds there. Thus the soul is attracted by the Voice of God, and its inward and upward flight begin. A new world of bliss is realized and vistas of the macrocosm open before it. By the Grace of the Master, it tastes the Amrit, the life-giving Nectar.

The soul that was previously burning with false and ephemeral desires of the world and of Maya then begins to realize its true nature and to relish the Ambrosial Exlixir of Nam, which bestows upon it true peace and bliss. The mind also, having for ages past, wandered from birth to birth, in the whirling of ‘Chaurasi’ (whirlpool of transmigration), becomes motionless Then it begins to realize its own reality, its high descent from Brahm. Thereafter it gives up the transitory pleasures of the sense and experiences the everlasting bliss of Celestial Music, the superior sweetness of which alone can detach it from the lure of the world.

Formerly, it was as the though the owner of the house (our body) was asleep and the house was at the mercy of five thieves, vis; lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego or pride (ahankar) Now that the owner has woken up, the thieves have run away. Huzur Baba Sawan Singh Maharaj Ji used to say “when a soul ‘wakes up’, the five thieves go out and inform the owner of the house that the place is now too hot for them to survive there and they have to leave.” Kabir also said to annihilate the five perversions and be attached to Nam. So long as the five enemies have control of the house, the soul is a helpless prisoner. They leave it only when the owner means business and will tolerate their presence no longer. The Elixir of Shabad, which is the life-giving Nectar for the soul, acts as a poison for these thieves. They run away and the corresponding virtues take their place. Thus lust goes and its place is taken up by continence, anger is replaced by forgiveness, for avarice comes contentment, and egotism and pride are replaced by discrimination and the humility. The mind, which hankered after trifles and whose desires to possess knew no bounds, becomes still and contended. The soul, becoming free from all entanglements, makes for its real home. Holding to the Melody of Nam, by the Grace of the Master, it completes the journey of months in a matter of days. The sense world now appears as an alien country and the regions inside as its native land.

As the Soul hears the sound of the Bell and the conch, it begins to drop off its impurities, and the lotus that lays inverted turns right side up. The soul then travels up rapidly, and flashes of the distant Jyoti begin to come in view. The gate to Sahansdal Kanwal opens, whence the light and radiance from the Thousand Petals shine forth. This is the first stage on the Path of Guru Mat, but it is the highest and the last stage of several religions of the world. It is the seat of Niranjan the Lord of the Astral world. The Yogis too, go no further.

After the Thousand Petalled Lotus (the Sahansrar), comes the land of Brahm, Lord of the second Spiritual Region. He is the creator, the sustainer and the destroyer of the Universe. Connecting the two regions is an oblique passage, called the Bunk Nal (the Curved Tunnel). Only after crossing this tunnel, does the soul reach Trikuti, the realm of Brahm, Here the attributes of the mind drop off and thereafter the Soul ascends alone. Trikuti is the source of the mind. Once the mind reaches its Home, it merges in it thereby setting the soul free.

The soul, however, has to sojourn in Trikuti for a fairly long duration of time, The store of Sanchit Karmas (the Reserve Store of Karmas) is located here, and the soul has to stay here until this store of Karmas is liquidated. Just as grain is separated from the chaff,, gravel and dust in a thresher, so is the soul purged of all its dross, while staying in this region.

Trikuti has three prominences, the highest being called the Guru Pad. It is a sublime stage, beyond description. As the python draws its prey towards itself, so does the Melody draw the soul towards it.

Next, comes Daswan Dwar the Region of Par Brahm, Here the music is that of Kingri, a stringed instrument similar to a guitar, which Yogis generally keep with them and on which they play both morning and evening. The Kingri draws the soul to the Supreme Being.

Now the Soul has transcended the Region of Potent Illusion The tight knot which fastened It to the Mind has cut asunder. All Its chains have been broken. The three covering of physical, astral and causal bodies have been removed, The Soul now shines forth in the luster of Its full glory. Here it is that ‘It knows Itself’. The true realization that It is not the body or the mind, but a spark from the Great Ocean of Light, Immortal, and Eterna, comes to It on reaching this stage.

Shorn of all its fetters, the Sou now proceed upwards and reaches the fourth stage called Bhanwar Gupah (The Whirling Cave). This is the gate to Sach Khand. But on the way between the third and the fourth stages falls the Maha Sunn (the great Void), the land of Primordial Gloom. This is a region of utter darkness. Even though the soul has a refulgence of twelve suns, it is unable to penetrate this darkness by itself. And it is here the soul realized the greatness of the Guru, for by itself it is incapable of crossing this region of unfathomable gloom. Only as Sant Satguru, a Master having access to the highest regions can take it through that darkness. It crosses this Timir Khand with the Guru’s Radiance. The word ‘Guru’ in Sanskrit means “one who brings light to the darkness.” Many souls, that did not have the good fortune of having a Perfect Master, remain lost in this darkness.

After crossing this Timir Khand, and on reaching the Cave, the soul sees that in essence, it is the same as the Creator, the only difference being that it is a drop and He is the Ocean. This realization of its identity with the Lord of All Creation brings forth and an involuntary cry from it: “I am He”.

From here the soul ascends to the Sach Khand, the Sat Lok, the true, the Immortal, the Eternal, the Home of Bliss and the Perfect Peace, where there is no pain nor sorrow This is the Satguru Pad, the Abode of the True Master.

There are no words with which the greatness, the sublimity, the light or the extent of the Satguru Pad can be described. Millions of suns pale into insignificance before the effluence of the even one atom of this region. Guru Arjan says: “By contacting the Shabad, we reach the Place where the light of ten million suns shines and the gloom of delusion is dispelled”

The music in Sat Lok is that of Veena, a very find, a stringed instrument.

From here the Sat Purush takes the soul to Radha Soami, the Lord of the Soul.

Now you can judge for yourself how far and wide do people stray away from Reality. The Yogis andGyanis have no knowledge of this. The Yogis, even after many years of hard labor in the Khat Chakras, could with great difficulty succeed in attaining the Sahansrar Chakra, the Thousands Petalled Lotus. Yogishwars could only reach up to the top of the second region, Brahm Lok. As for the Gianis, the philosophers and the learned, most of them remained lost in hair-splitting. After facing failures, a few of them who sought the help of a spiritual guide could go up to Brahm. This, again, beings home the necessity of a perfect Master because, no matter how hard one works, one cannot go beyond that stage to which one’s Guru has access.

A Point of Light - The Physical Form

A Point of Light – The Physical Form

God has no form. He exists for us only as a concept, and concept cannot be an object of love. The Master, because he has a human form, can engage our love at every level. Through the master, the Lord is, in a manner of speaking, made real to us. As Maharaj Sawan Singh put it:

The Masters become a bride which we may cross. By loving a perfect Master, our soul eventually comes to love the formless and indescribable one and only God. Although the Lord, like electricity, pervades everywhere, the Master is the point where he shines out as light. — Maharaj Sawan Singh quoted in Legacy of Love.

A Point of Light - The Physical Form
A Point of Light – The Physical Form

The purpose of our work on this path is to develop our love for the Master.  As we work our love grows and grows until we find it very hard to be parted from him. We reach a stage where separation is so painful that we are compelled to seek him inside, through our spiritual practice.

O my guest
I feel so confused and restless.
Set on fire, my heart explodes
With the pain of separation
— Rumi

In Die to Live Maharaj Charan Singh writes that

“This longing for the physical form, this longing which you can not fulfill, leads you towards the Radiant Form of the Master, which will ultimately take you back to the Father”.

Baba Gurinder Singh often reminds us that we need to go beyond the physical, but even so, the physical presence of the Master is of great importance to us. Why else would the Master spend so much time traveling around the world to meet his Sangat? On a long-awaited visit to South Africa, he pointed out that we know the teachings and there is not very much to say — he just wanted to spend time with his Sangat.

So the physical form is a valuable gift which we should not waste. We should take care not to underestimate the value of the physical form. Maharaj Sawan Singh summed it up when he said,

“The outer form is the means of bringing a devotee in touch with the inner form; hence priority in importance goes to the outer form.”